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Building for the Future

Our Story

Ireland is a spiritually needy country. Less than 1% are evangelical, many towns do not have a gospel church. But God is at work in the West of Ireland, with 8 new churches in 25 years. Claremorris, and the surrounding area has a population of around 16,000 people.

Our church began in 2016 and good progress has been made. We have seen people coming to faith, getting baptised, and becoming church members. We have also welcomed believers from many different countries around the world who have settled in the Claremorris area.

Our ministry team is made up of Jonathan & Nicola McCracken (serving with ECM) and Andrew & Rachel Millar (serving with UFM)

Each Sunday we gather to praise God and hear from his Word. We hold various meetings during the week including our Bible study, kids club, ladies fellowship and youth fellowship. We love to be together, with people staying after our meetings to chat over a cup of tea.

Building for the Future

For 7 years we have hired rooms in Claremorris Town Hall Theatre, located in the town centre. As our church has grown, we are beginning to outgrow the available space.

Furthermore, the building has become noticeably busier and is often unavailable, particularly for meetings on weekday evenings. This has resulted in us meeting across three different venues in Claremorris town.  

We now have very limited capacity for new people to join us and we are not as visible in the community as we would like.  The church members have agreed that we need a new space for growth, to have a visible presence in the town, and to provide a warm welcome to everyone.

Introducing our building project

For some time, we have sought to rent a more suitable premises in Claremorris. However, no suitable properties have become available over this time.

After prayerful consideration we have concluded that it is time for us to seek to purchase & renovate, or construct a suitable premises.

We are seeking a building in a central, visible location in Claremorris. It will be large enough to accommodate future growth and facilitate the development of our ministry. It will be a welcoming space, that is accessible for everyone.

We estimate that such a building will cost approximately €600,000.

We have now set up a building fund and are actively pursuing internal fundraising and external donations. All donations, large or small, are welcome.

How to Give

We would welcome any support towards our building project. If you would like to make a donation, further information on how to do so can be found here.

Prayer Support

Prayer support is also vital. Both the McCracken's and the Millar's send regular prayer updates. These include up to date information on our building project, and the work of Calvary Church Claremorris in general. If you would like to be added to one of these mailing lists, please contact us with your email address or home address.

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