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Noah's Moody Girlfriend //

A while back a few of us from the church went along to see the Hollywood’s blockbuster; Noah which has an all-star cast headed by Russell Crowe. The director, and self professed atheist, Darren Aronofsky, has boasted that the film is the least biblically based “Bible film” ever made so I wasn’t expecting much on that score. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Noah is depicted as a loopy environmentalist who seems happy to kill any human who kills an animal (sure can’t remember reading that in the Bible!). However, what was most disconcerting about this rather long and laboured production was just how God was depicted. He is the classic ‘moody girlfriend’ whom you have to please but she will never tell you what she actually wants. Throughout Noah is continually left to try and guess what God’s will is for him. In one harrowing section of the film Noah cries out to God to find out what he should do. There is no answer so Noah comes to the conclusion that he and his family must all die. This includes him needing to personally murder the two beautiful baby girls that his adopted daughter has just given birth to. Thankfully this doesn’t take place but the result is that Noah is left feeling a failure.

Folks, this isn’t the God of the Bible! And this was not the God that the Noah of the Bible knew. According to the Biblical account God graciously gave Noah clear directions at every point so that he was never left hanging in no man’s land. So if I was you I would save myself 8 Euro and pull out my bible and read from Genesis (the first book of the Bible) chapter 6 to chapter 9. It is the thrilling story of a man who dared to take God at his Word and received life when everybody else rejected God and received death. Then, as now, LIFE comes to those who will take the trouble to listen to what God has actually said rather than day dream up what they think God might have said!

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